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KMSPico Windows 11

KMSPico Windows 11 Activator is a powerful Windows activation tool that is used to activate Windows 11 and all other different versions of your operating system. It is the same application that is used to activate Microsoft Office and other Windows programs.

Windows 11 and all Microsoft Office products can be activated for free by using the Windows 11 activator kmspico 11.

In Windows 11, KMSPico 11 replaces the license key with a professional one.

This Windows 11 Pro Activator allows you to activate the Windows 11 operating system without the need for an internet connection.

Windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft has released its new operating system known as Windows 11, which is the improved and modified version of Windows 10. At the launch event, Microsoft tells people whoever owns the Windows 10 license and is using it. You will get this new version through regular updates.

This was truly an amazing announcement that makes everyone happy as existing customers don’t have to spend any more money on this operating system. It also includes people using KMSPico for activation as it is probably a legal way and it also offers OTA updates from Microsoft itself.

But there is a little twist here, as this version will only work on a computer that has TPM 2.0 enabled and also supports only a 7th-generation processor or higher. Once you have met these requirements, you are ready to receive this update; otherwise, unfortunately, you will only receive regular updates.

About Windows 11 Activator

As We mentioned earlier, the old licensee will probably activate Windows 11 via an OTA update. But if you are a new user here and don’t own it yet, you need to purchase the license first. However, we still have the KMSPico as our Windows 11 Activator that works flawlessly.

Except for this, there is another way to get the license without having any tools, as some developers manage to create a command prompt file that removes the restriction and provides the full version without paying a penny. I’ve already tested it on my computer and it works like a charm because it only took me a few seconds to get a license.

The file is completely safe to use as I have already tested it and used KMSPico 11 Final Windows 11 Activator without any issues so far. It can’t be tracked by Windows Defender either, which means we can say it’s malware-free too. That is why you should not be afraid of anything and just follow the steps provided here.

Can I Activate Windows 11 For Free?

The easiest way is to use Windows 11 Update. But you won’t be able to update it whenever you want, for example immediately after the next six-month update is released. You must wait while the update deployment is available for your computer. And if it is available to you, you can check it out in the update center.

  1. Go to the system application “Settings” along the path “Update & Security – Windows Update”.
  2. Press the “Check for updates” button.
  3. And if an update is available, and this should be evidenced by an indication that it is a cumulative update package for the latest version of Windows 11, just click “Install Now”.
  4. The update will download in the background through the update center and the system will notify you when it needs to restart to carry out all the subsequent stages of the update described above.

KMSPico Windows 11 Activator | All Windows Activation 2024

Windows 11 Update Utility Wizard 2024

We can use the second way to update Windows 11 to a new version whenever we want. Even the first day of the release of a six-month large-scale update.

  1. We go to the Microsoft website, to the download page of the official Windows 11 distribution.
  2. Click on “Update now”.
  3. The Windows 11 Activation Key Update Utility (Update Wizard) will download to your computer.
  4. We launched it.
  5. In the welcome window, click “Update now”.
  6. Click Next”.
  7. We are waiting for the utility to prepare an update.
  8. In the process of preparation, the Windows 11 Update Wizard will check if everything is in order, if it is possible to update your version to the current one, if there is space on the disk to extract the update from the Internet.
  9. Well, it will download the update itself.
  10. We will see the progress of the download in the wizard window and, while this process is taking place, we can still work with the system.

When the wizard does everything, it needs to, it will display a notification in your window that the update is ready for installation. We can restart now to install the update, or we can postpone this time for a more convenient time. If we are ready now, click, respectively, on “Restart now”.

Windows 11 Activator Key

And after the reboot, the system will go through all the large-scale upgrade deployment stages described above. After the Windows 11 activation key is updated, the final help window will start with thanks for the update. We close it, and that’s it, the process is over.

Now suppose you are not willing to use the above method to activate Windows, but instead want to get the key. If so then don’t worry because I have already collected some of the working keys that will surely work.

All the keys provided here work completely fine and I have already checked some of them before posting them here. Before copying a key, be sure to first check which Windows 11 you are using.

Download Windows 11 Crack Activator for Free

Now that you are still reading this article, that means you are not yet licensed for Windows 10. Good! Don’t worry because now we are going to learn how to download Windows 11 activator text for free.

Activate Windows 11 with KMSPico 2024

Once you have finished downloading the KMS Activator Windows 11, we now need to install this tool on our computer/laptop. But first, you need to shut down Windows Defender because it will delete the file instantly right after extracting it.

To disable Windows Defender, simply follow these steps: Open the Start menu and click Settings> From there select the Updates and Security option> Select Windows Defender in the left pane> Click Open Windows Defender Security Center> Select Virus and Threat Protection settings> Under Real-time protection click the toggle to disable Defender.

Windows Defender is now disabled, which means that we can install our activator now, but note that you should also disable all third-party antivirus if you are using any.

KMSPico Windows 11 Activator | All Windows Activation 2024

Ok, now let’s look at these steps to install KMS Windows 11 Activator:

  1.  Go to Windows Explorer and then choose Downloads or the folder where you downloaded KMSPico.
  2.  In that folder you will see a zip file, now right-click on it and extract that file with WinRar or another tool.
  3.  A new folder will be created after extracting, just open that folder and then right-click on KMSPico.exe and then select Run as administrator.
  4.  In a moment, you will see the installation window on the screen. Now follow the on-screen instructions to install KMS Windows activator on your computer.
  5.  Once the tool is installed, you need to click on the Start menu and then select KMSPico in the Recently installed section or just use the search box if you can’t see it.
  6. When KMSPico starts, you will see the Windows icon appear there, now you just need to click the red button to activate Windows.

Alternative Way to Activate Windows 11 for Free

The process to activate Windows 11 all activation windows 7-8-11 v9 7 office activator is quite simple and easy to follow, as it requires no installation. Also, it is the best option for those who think that KMSPico, Microsoft Toolkit, or other installable tools are malware.

In case you are one of them too, you will probably love this method instead of the previous one. Although keep in mind that this process also requires having an Internet connection as well as enabling OTA updates.

  1.  First, open the File Manager and then go to the folder where you save the Windows 11 activator 2024 following the guide above (by default it is the Downloads folder).
  2.  Once there, find Microsoft Activation Script 1.3 and then right-click on it.
  3.  After that you just need to click the Extract button, this will create a new folder there
  4.  Now open the Microsoft Activation 1.3 folder that was recently created by extracting the zip file.
  5.  You will see two folders here, so just open the All-In-One Version folder.
  6.  From that folder, you need to right-click on the command prompt file and then select Run as administrator.
  7.  A window will appear on the screen with multiple options, now select HWID Activation using the 2 key.
  8.  After that, you will be asked for confirmation and then press the 1 key to Confirm.
  9.  Now the script will run in the Windows 11 Activator CMD, so wait a moment for it to complete and then you will see the success message on the screen.

Windows 11 Activator Torrent has successfully activated your windows, now you can just close the command prompt and then restart your computer. After that, you just need to check the status by going to Settings and look for Activation where you notice that it shows Windows is activated.

KMSPico Windows 11 Activator | All Windows Activation 2024

Supported Windows OS

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Vista
  • MS Office 2016
  • Office 365
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2007


Although if you still haven’t gotten it right, be sure to go above and read the article again. In case you are facing any problems with the steps, you can simply view the attached screenshots there. These are sure to help you understand the process and you will be licensed in no time.

However, if you are still having any kind of trouble using this guide, don’t forget to ask in the comment section below. I will be very glad to hear from you and will do my best to fix those issues as well. Also, if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with others because sharing is caring.

Note: If you would have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments. I would be glad to explain in more details. Thank you so much for all your feedback and support!

Free Download KMSPico Windows 11 Activator | All Windows Versions Activation 2024

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