Download Office 365 ISO | IMG Offline Installer (2024 Activation)

Download Office 365 ISO | IMG Offline Installer (2024 Activation)

What is Office 365 ISO [2024]?

Office 365 ISO is a file that contains all of the installation files for a single program, also known as an ISO image. Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system, among others, are sometimes made available as ISO files, especially for large programs.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is the productivity cloud built for you to make sure you can manage your work, your life, and your productivity from anywhere, with best-in-class Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and advanced security.

What Makes Office 365 Unique?

With Office 365, you will be able to access Office applications over the Internet, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Home users can choose from two plans: Professional and Home.

Either of these plans can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis. In order to install the package, you will need an Internet connection, and you can use it on up to five devices for Home plans and up to 300 devices for Business plans.

Download Office 365 Offline Installer and find out why.

It’s very easy to answer. It will take at least 10GB of data to install Office 365 on five computers, and time is the most important factor. You may need an Office 365 offline installer download if you live in areas with strict bandwidth limits.

If you purchase the personal plan, you have offline access. The offline ISO or installer can be installed up to five times on one PC once it has been downloaded. I’ll get to the download process without taking any more time.

Are you looking for Free Office 365 ISO downloads?

To install Office 365 on multiple Windows computers, you cannot download the ISO image. Here’s how to get the offline installer from the online installer. Yesterday, I had to install Windows from scratch due to some problems. For a blogger, Microsoft Office would be the most essential application.

It comes with an online installation, but I have an active subscription to Office 365. You can’t do the online installation if you have a slow Internet connection like mine. It’s for this reason that I prefer to download Office 365 ISO images or offline installers.

The standalone installer for Microsoft Office 365 is not available officially. The ISO file for Office 2016 includes Office 365 as an option, but it is over 4 GB in size.

You won’t need to download more than 2 GB of data if you install 365 through the online installer. It takes about 1.7 GB for the 32-bit version, and about 1.9 GB for the 64-bit version. If it takes up so much space, why would you want to download the extra GBs?

You can also download related products:

Office 365 ISO Download IMG Offline Installer 2024

The Office 365 image file can be downloaded legally via the Internet. They are all bigger than 4GB. Nevertheless, they can be used on any computer once they have been downloaded. A subscription plan is, of course, required to use them. Images are provided in both 32- and 64-bit formats. They are included within the IMG file.

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Download
Microsoft Office 365 Business Download
Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus Download

Choose any of the ISO/IMG image links according to your plan and enjoy the offline installation. These images are in IMG format. If you want, then you can easily convert them into ISO images. These all are official links from Microsoft, so, you don’t need to worry about viruses or any malware.

Office 365 Offline Installer Download

The procedure is a little bit tricky, but I am here to help you with this. I have tested this on my Windows computer and it’s working fine. If you have a fast Internet connection, then it would be better for you. So, to make that simple here I have used Google’s RDP.

In order to begin the process, you need the Office 2016 Deployment Tool. You can download it here.

  1. Create a folder in C drives as “Office365” or you can give it another name of your choice.
  2. Run the Office Deployment Tool and extract the files in the created Office365 folder. There are two files in that folder; setup.exe and configuration.xml
  3. Open configuration.xml in the text editor change the like this and save it:


<Add SourcePath=”C:\Office365″ OfficeClientEdition=”64″ Channel=”Monthly”>

<Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail”>

<Language ID=”en-us” />



<Updates Enabled=”TRUE” Channel=”Monthly” />

<Display Level=”None” AcceptEULA=”TRUE” />

<Property Name=”AUTOACTIVATE” Value=”1″ />


You can change the bolded red lines according to your preference.

SourcePath: Where the files you want to save.
OfficeClientEdition: If you need the x86 client version then change it to 32
Product ID: There are three types of products; O365HomePremRetail, O365BusinessRetail, and O365ProPlusRetail
Language ID: If you need another language package

  1. Once everything is done, open the command prompt and run the below command to begin the downloading process.

First, you have to navigate to the created folder by typing the command,

cd c:\Office365


setup.exe /download configuration.xml

  1. The download will begin, and a new subfolder “Office” will automatically be created in the C:\Office365 folder.
  2. Once the file has been downloaded, run the below command to start the installation process.

setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

How do I install Office 365 ISO 2024?

Step 1: Install the 32-bit version of Microsoft 365 Apps for the enterprise.

Step 2: Activate and update Office.

Step 1: Install the 64-bit version of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.

Step 2: Activate and update Office.

Step 1: Install the 32-bit version of Microsoft 365 Apps for business.

Step 2: Activate and update Office.

How do I download an entire Office 365?

Install Microsoft 365 for Home

  1. Use the computer where you want to install Office.
  2. Go to the Microsoft 365 portal page and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  3. Select Install Office.
  4. On the Microsoft 365 Home web page, select Install Office.
  5. On the Download and install Microsoft 365 Home screen, select Install.

Download Office 365 ISO | IMG Offline Installer (2024 Activation)

Office 365 can be downloaded offline?

  • Offline installation of Office 365 is possible. Microsoft 365 can be downloaded and installed offline using OfficeDeployment Tool (ODT).

Office 365 is only available via the web.

  • Office 365 is only available as a web-based service. This is a web-based system that provides users with online access to information and files.

Is Office 365 able to be used offline?

  • Definitely. With Office 365, you can use it offline. It doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet to work. You must enable the Internet before you can save files on a cloud storage. If you prefer, you can save these files locally.

Download Office 365 ISO | IMG Offline Installer (2024 Activation)

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